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Current Work: Resistors & Capacitors 


Normally found on circuit boards, resistors and capacitors come alive in sculptural and flat works. Clay, wood, and paper serve as bases upon which I build with these candy-colored elements. Their electrical function is obsolete as I focus on their aesthetic potential.




2012- 2013: Plaster 


These sculptures explore naturalistic forms made from plaster and hydro-stone, juxtaposed with materials such as glitter, wood, and plastic. I was interested in working with plaster in less traditional sculptural ways; casting it over forms, or letting it set in a seemingly liquid state- evoking the sensation more of a living organism than of a heavy construction material.




2012 - 2014: Drawings 


Drawings are an expression of my sculptural work. The two-dimensional surface allows me to depict forms in more extensive and surreal environments. They can be representational or contour line, graphite or ink. I enjoy drawing on vellum which allows layering and translucency.




2009 - 2014: Film, & Plastic 


Whether a small sculpture or a room-sized installation, these works subvert and transform common synthetic materials.




2007 - 2012: Glass, Window Blinds, & Office Supplies 


Lab glass sculptures, receipt paper installations, and obsessions with organizational office materials from binder clips to reenforcement stickers. All of these pieces take ordinary objects and reveal their potential for the sublime.




2005 - 2007: Tape


For years I worked with tape- the rolls of adhesive found on most desks. The forms I built were singular sculptures, but they also worked in concert to create larger installations.






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